Saturday, June 22, 2013

LOOPEEZ is Fairytale Wishes "Freddy Find of the Week"

I don't know about you but I found trying to teach my kids to tie their shoes one of the most challenging  and frustrating jobs as a mom!

Think about it--little kids oftentimes have these chubby fingers and it is so difficult for them to master this task that is indeed a life skill that one MUST master at least before they go off to college!!!!

My kids wore velcro and slide ons for a VERY long time---- and embarrassingly LONG TIME. Guess what it doesn't have to be that way for you!

A fellow mompreneur and all around great gal, Courtney Maslow invented the solution to spending endless frustrating hours trying to teach your little ones how to tie their shoelaces---LOOPEEZ!!!

Sheer brilliance! This little device makes it easy and fun for your child to learn how to make those rabbit ears and tie them up like a champ!

This product is also great for people who have had a stroke or brain injury and need a little extra help getting their shoe tying skills back! 

Guess what-- Courtney also sells dual colored shoelaces on her website so while you are sailing through teaching your kids how tie their shoes you can also teach them left from right!!!

Loopeez come in a variety of styles and they are only $7.95!!!! What are you waiting for???? Go to and get yourself some!

P.S--Fairytale Wishes is NEVER paid to endorse products! We just like to spread the word about things we love!

Monday, June 10, 2013

What to pack for Camp this Summer!

It's SUMMER!!!! School is out and parents everywhere have started to pack for Summer Camp!

I know that during this time--my dining room turns into a spare bedroom and looks like a tornado went through it.

Fortunately, camps are great about providing lists about the required items to bring  but what about the stuff that is NOT on the list. 

I have some great suggestions for you to include in your child's duffle bag!

  •  Pre-adressed enveloppes  
    • This will help your child remember who to drop a note while they are away.
  • Soft egg crate mattress topper
    • This helps make your child's bunk a lot more comfortable. Those mattresses can get a bit lumpy.
  • Box of Dryer Sheets
    • Believe it or not these are a natural mosquito deterrent. If you have your child stick a couple in their pillow case and under their sheet, it should really help keep the pesty mosqutios away.
  • Catch all Plastic Box
    • For extra batteries, stamps, pens and pencils, ponytail holders--ya know--to catch it all.
  • A letter from you and a small wrapped gift
    • It is so much fun to have a letter from mom and dad and maybe a fun book (I recommend Jemma Hartman by Brenda Aronson Ferber. Great book about camp)
  • A package of the game Jax!!!
    • I used to spend HOURS playing this game at camp.
  • Fairytale Wishes Happy Camper Spray!
    • This is a must have for your camper who might suffer from a bit of homesickness. The sweet smelling grape magic potion really and truly helps keeps your child from homesickness! Some camps even keep it on hand. if you can't find it at a store order it at There is a store locator on our website.
Do you have anything else that you send with your kids to camp that is not on the Camp List?