Friday, March 22, 2013

Freddy's Friday Find--Cast Medic Designs

Happy Friday Everyone! 

I am so lucky! I say this because besides being a wife, mama, and all things Fairytale Wishes-- I get to co-host a weekly radio show with my good friend Dhana Cohen ( We love it! We get to meet the coolest people and find out about lots of amazing products, often created by dynamic fabulous women.

Recently, I came across one such woman and her product. Cast Medic Designs is the brainchild of Christina Daves, mompreneur and now a friend of mine.

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to become a runner. "Not so fast!" said the running Gods. The universe sent me a big ol' signal and decided my dreams of being runner were not going to come true. I landed myself in a big ugly black boot with a stress fracture for 8 weeks right in the middle of sun dress summer!

Where was Cast Medics??????? Not invented quite yet. But, had it been around, I sure would have dressed up that big ugly boot. This is pure genius. An inexpensive way to make a stressful, frustrating situation just a little bit prettier and easier to bare. 

Check out a couple of my favorite designs:

Okay, all you Spring Breakers heading off to the Rocky Mountains. If you see a Suzy Chapstick sitting at the bottom of the mountain drinking her hot chocolate toddy with a big black boot on--tell her our secret. Dress that boot up with fabulous design from Cast Medic Designs.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Freddy's Friday Fairytale Find--The Art of Notewriting

When I was younger, before email or computers even existed I used to love when I came home from school and there was a letter for me. The anticipation of who it might be from and why were they writing to me... To invite me to a party, to thank me for something, to just let me know how they were doing.
When I went away to summer camp, I used to live for the mail delivery. What was going on with everyone at home -- how were they faring without my presence.

Still to this day, I still love getting handwritten notes--perhaps even more because it has become a lost art. I love sitting down to write someone a note as well. It feels warmer and more personal than shooting off an email. I even incorporated personalized notes from Freddy, the magic FTW frog with every online order. The kids just LOVE getting a note just for them.

I have insisted that my children learn how to write thoughtful thank you notes as well.

Recently, I learned that friend of mine, Sarah Pasquesi, a fellow hockey mom started a notecard business  (SolsiP Designs). She gave me a whole set "just because". She had no idea I would even write about them on my weekly blog. 

They are beautiful and personalized with my name on it. I just love them. they will be my favorite gift to give this year for birthdays, hostess gifts, or' just because' gifts. They are so reasonably priced as well.

Check out her Etsy page and when you are pondering for a wonderful gift, maybe you will just think of SolsiP Designs SolsiP Designs

Friday, March 1, 2013

National Tooth Fairy Day!

Did you know that this week we celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day! Yes, apparently this is a National Tooth Fairy and there is BIG news out of Fairyland!

According the Chicago Tribune, the average gift left for kids who lost a tooth was up 15% last year, $2.10 in 2011 to $2.42 in 2012 according to the Original Tooth Fairy Poll--sponsored by Delta Dental.

The most common gift was $1, received by 51% of those surveyed.

Additionally, the poll found that the Tooth Fairy visits 90% of homes with children who lost a tooth and that in 46% of homes the first tooth a child lost commanded more more money than subsequent teeth.

We think a great way to tell the Tooth Fairy that there is a tooth under your child's pillow, is of course, our brand new cotton candy scented Tooth Fairy Spray!

It comes with a hint of magic glitter and a mini-fairytale you can share with your child!

It's a great way to celebrate the MAGIC of the Tooth Fairy! (MSRP: $7.99/2oz bottle)

Have a Happily Ever After!