Friday, April 18, 2014

Freddy's Friday Find--Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters

I love when I can find a great story to accompany a Fairytale Wishes product!

Albert and the Amazing Pillow Monsters is a multiple award winning story about a young boy who dreams about Monsters. Not scary monsters--but monsters that allow him to tap into his imagination and his own "magical powers".

I think this story will really resonate with young readers who might be afraid of the dark and monsters lurking nearby. It is a bright, fun, whimsical book that is told in rhyme--"But these monsters weren't monsters. They did not bite. The monsters puffed and fluffed in flight".

It continues: "Welcome Albert to the Pillow Cave. We just sit at the edge of the blanket and wave.

Justin Drazin
It goes on to tell the story of what Albert can do with the power of his imagination, What a great message to convey to children!
I would recommend giving this book with a bottle of Fairytale Wishes Monster Repellent for the perfect antidote to fending off the creatures of the night and to help empower kids to conquer their fears with simply their imagination.

This book is written by Justin Drazin who conquered his own childhood fears through the embracing his own imagination.

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Wishing you all Happily Ever Afters!