Friday, November 1, 2013

Freddy's Friday Find--The Pillow Fairy!

Now that Halloween is past--we are going to try to post a Freddy's Friday Find every week until the holidays! 
Hannukah comes very early this year--in fact, in my house we are calling it Gobblekah or Thanksgivingkuh because for the first time EVER and we won't see it again in our lifetimes--the first night of Hannukah comes on Thanksgiving!

Better get shopping! Freddy is here to help! We found the SWEETEST book. I love to give books to kids for the holidays--whichever holiday you celebrate. If you know me--you know I never met a holiday I didn't love. Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza, Chinese New Year! All occasions to by a little something for the ones we love.

So.... about every 25 years or so, there comes a book that is destined to be a classic--think Good Night Moon, When you Give a Moose a Muffin, Giving Tree--you get the idea. We have found one of those such books:
The Pillow Fairy!!!

The Pillow Fairy, written by Marcia Gale Riley tells the story of a little boy, named Matt (her own son, I believe) who likes to do lots of things which don't include sleeping in his own bed at night! How many of us have been there right? I created Sweet Dreams spray just for that very issue! 

Did you all know that there is a Pillow Fairy that comes to visit little girls and boys who sleep in their own beds all night long? Well, indeed there is! She leaves a little surprise under your pillow if you do! Sometimes it's a sticker, sometimes it's a quarter, sometimes it's even just as simple as a love note.

It is the sweetest book and a wonderful tool to help parents keep their little ones snug as a bug in a rug--in their beds all night long. 

So what are you waiting for! The first night of Hannukah is 28 days away! What a wonderful gift to give to any little one in your life--and it is "Freddy" approved!  Find The Pillow Fairy at or on Amazon.

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