Friday, November 15, 2013

Freddy's Friday Find! Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Have you ever seen the Hallmark commercial with the little story that Grandma can record her voice and read you a story from miles away?

Well now there is a product that can magically read to your child out loud either with your voice, Grandma's voice or the voice that you can download on the Spark Up Reader website (

The proprietary visual technology is amazing!  As your child turns the page the Sparkup Reader knows exactly where your child is in the book and will read that page to your child. 

What an amazing teaching tool for the first time reader or even a visually impaired child. In a world filled with "screens"--it is so wonderful to give children the love of reading a fabulous book and the Sparkup Reader is something that can make it even more fun.

Another great gift for the holidays. Here is the link to buy it:

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